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Awesome that you love Amigo, Micah! I'm the founder and happy to find Amigo on here only 2 days after launching the public beta silently. (If you're reading this and hearing of Amigo for the first time: Amigo is the simplest way to bring friends together for dinners, drinks, shows and other events.) Would love to hear any ideas of how we can improve the app and make it even more useful for you. :) Cheers!
Love the idea of easy ways to connect with friends.
As I mentioned recently, I've seen several apps focused on helping friends get together. The most promising one I've seen launched earlier this week: Red/Green.
@rrhoover it's interesting to see the shift from public to these new hybrid public/private approaches. Red/green feels very implicit - I'm going to be doing something, this group of friends can come if they want; or I want to do something, this group of friends is doing something. Amigo feels explicit - I'm doing X and I am inviting Y friends.