Mobile app that tracks local crime in real time

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Good Morning Product Hunt, I wanted to let the world know of the major improvements we have made to the Amigdala App. Since our inception as a company we have been dedicated to delivering an amazing product and I think we finally succeeded with the most recent version of Amigdala. For those of you that are unaware Amigdala is a mobile app that tracks crime data and gives users a color rating based on how dangerous their immediate location is. The app is built using Spotcrime's API and provides users with up to date crime information hours after a crime has occurred. The feeling of hearing gunshots and hours later reading the details from the police report is still surreal. In a way Amigdala has become a news platform providing local crime data to the public quicker than any other platform. Since our debut in 08/19/2014 we have added some amazing new features and I wanted to share them with the Product Hunt community. Wavelength Feature: The wavelength is the average amount of crime the user is exposed to both directly and indirectly. The wavelength lets the user know what kind of level of crime they are around. A blue wavelength is a peaceful environment. A red wavelength is a dangerous environment. The colors in between are green, yellow and orange. The wavelength also provides inspirational quotes based on the environment the user is exposed to. A person who lives in a peaceful environment will get quotes about peace, responsibility, and joy. Users who are exposed to dangerous environments receive quotes about violence, war, strength and resilience. The wavelength mimics human consciousness and gives users a visual representation of what they are exposed to everyday. Rank Feature: The Rank feature is a live bar that shows where the user ranks in safety compared to the most dangerous and least dangerous city in their state and in the country. The rank changes as a user moves around different parts of a city. These features have made Amigdala an amazing tool in allowing users to be aware of the level of crime happening around them. Amigdala is really fun to use and is now free to download in the App Store. We love hearing feedback so please try Amigdala and let us know what you think. Website: Facebook: Amigdala App Twitter: Amigdalapp
How real-time is this? The site also doesn't say where the data's coming from. I hope I'm being trolled...
Hello World. Larry Carmant here I am CEO and Founder of ManiaCO. Amigdala is our first mobile app. To answer Ryan's valid question. The application Amigdala is built on top of a crime api. The information is validated before it is sent to the api. Generally users are notified of an incident 24 hours after it has occurred.
I built this app because there was no product on the market that provided real time crime info on your smartphone. If the best indication of future crime is past crime then a product that can give us recent crime info is a very valuable tool. Amigdala reports crimes within 24 hours of the incident which gives users the ability to be aware of street crimes that otherwise they may have not been aware of. Are you buying a house, searching for a business location, searching for a daycare or nursing home? These are all cases where you should be aware of nearby crimes. Are you parking your car in an unfamiliar neighborhood? You can easily check if there has been any recent thefts. If there are a series of home burglaries in your neighborhood you wont know it unless a neighbor tells you or you are friends with a neighbor on social media. With Amigdala you will see the home burglaries after the first incident.
The most surreal experience I had using the app is over the summer when I woke up and checked the app. Normally the Arson screen is blue for minimal because there hadn't been any cases but one morning the screen was green which means there had been an incident. I checked the details and it said that there had been a fire in the park across the street. I went to the park and someone had burned down the swing set. The feeling was surreal. It was almost like having a super power. The app had been aware that a crime took place and made me immediately aware of it. Amigdala launched yesterday in the app store and I am trying to get the word out because I think I have created a very cool product.