GitHub for research and data science

Graph-based notebook for researchers and data scientists.

Build your knowledge base: structure, connect and explore all your research assets in one app.

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Hey PH, We built amie, because we need Git+GitHub for researchers and data scientists. Unlike the current toolset, which is focused on creating and analyzing isolated data artifacts, amie is all about connected workflows. It gives you and your team strong version control and enables you to explore the entire history of a project, including complex cross-correlations between steps and outcomes. Amie also connects to databases, scientific equipment, and your ML stack through our python client. We'd love to get your feedback, and we're happy to answer any questions!
Tillykke! Will try it out! I like your focus on tracking the history of a project which is a much needed feature for research. I work with teaching and technology in higher education in Denmark and I’m thinking about the possible use cases for teaching. What’s your experience in this?
@galimotion Hey, we actually haven't targeted education very much, let's talk about it!
good design. upvoted
Super cool setup! Will recommend your service to my friends who do research!