Ameyt World

Block-crafting for Augmented Reality

Ameyt World is a block-crafting app for Augmented-Reality for building 3d models in a fun and intuitive way. You can also colour and apply materials. Even more? Add interactivity! - fly away on touch, or explode when nearby - all this and more are available.
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Hi all, I have always wanted a simple method to create 3d models - may it be for AR/VR, 3D printing, games or just plain fun. Most of the solutions out there are expensive, require extensive setups or are plain hard. My niece gave me the idea for Ameyt World - why not use blocks to make objects? With my passion for AR and my interest in working on new ideas, I started building this product. I was not looking for high-fidelity 3d models, but simple abstract models with a new visual aesthetic. Ameyt World is meant for creators of the upcoming medium of Augmented reality. It is meant to help them create 3d objects easily from a mobile device. You can also add materials and colours. The most exciting part of this is a library of ever increasing "actions". Actions add interactivity to your model in AR > may it be flying on tap, joystick to control a car, a virtual button to switch on your physical bedroom lamp, or just plain fun of physics in AR > all this and more will be available through Ameyt World. Ameyt World beta will be out soon. Please signup for the beta at . And of-course, follow us on social media at @ameytworld. Cheers Fab