Thanks, interesting!
I don't think that Amelia is the first 'bot to be deployed in the public sector. 2 years ago, the U.S. Army won an Intelligent Assistant Award for Sgt Star which has been offering assistance to both new recruits and vets since 2006 (powered by NextIT). Gov't sector agencies are evaluating a number of options for deploying Intelligent Assistants to support citizens services. In the coming year it will be a huge growth area.
Does this mean Amelia has officially passed the Turing test? Otherwise, what qualifies it as a digital employee?
@angelo_liao Is there an official Turing board? (not being sarcastic)
@knownhuman I don't think there's an official one. It's mostly judged by the academic community according to the paper you publish. My biggest concern with these types of AI customer services is that they often aren't helpful in getting the real issue resolved because they don't have any decision power
Sound like a great product. I feel like chatting with Amelia to see how she/it responds. If she/it works fine, i believe in no time companies would start training her for their CS operation.