Free prison communication platform

Ameelio is a non-profit that's building free technology to transform corrections and criminal justice. We've recently launched Letters, our first application that lets loved-ones of incarcerated persons send physical mail for free.
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Amazing work! More power to you and others involved in this. I can imagine this is a huge blessing to the people involved. Thank you for doing this.
@bruntkatherine Thank you! :) this means a lot to us
Really great thing you're doing, I hope it all works out.
@william02057116 Thank you! Sorry about the late reply. We just discovered that @stevendixonn kindly posted on our behalf
Great idea! I am spreading the word
@ni_e_sha Thank you Niesha. Let us know if you have any questions about the service
Wow, very interesting. Great problem to tackle too.
@jake_tran We appreciate the feedback!
Hey Hunters. I'm very excited to do a late introduction to our first product, Letters. It enables families and friends of those impacted by incarceration to send letters & photos to any incarcerated person in the US. Four weeks ago, we were sending 300 letters a week. Nowadays, we send 300 letters a day. We have over 3,000 users from 49 states and 26 countries using the platform. Last week, we also launched a service built on top of the existing platform to help criminal justice organizations (1) manage their volunteers that are using the platform and (2) send mass mailing to the entire network of incarcerated persons that they work with. Happy to answer any questions you may have!