Airbnb for people. Rent friends by the hour.

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Sounds like a bad idea. Paying someone to spend time with you - if you are lonely, you need real friends and not someone that will hang out with you for money. That is depressing. Its like after an hour, "bro, that is $50, bye". You shouldn't call this "meet new friends", just "hire people to do jobs". Sorry, this is very depressing.
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This is a tricky one. The concept is interesting, but the use of the terms "friend" might be the hangup for me (in the marketing material). This is like volunteering + money. While I'm sure charities want volunteers badly, paying them no longer makes them volunteers. Friends who are paid, aren't friends. I do like the 'local guide' aspect or an 'extra set of hands', but labeling people as friends just doesn't work for me. That said, I have a board game that is just gathering dust, but I guess I will need to wait a group of people who actually want to play.
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@walterareid I agree, hiring a local guide sounds better than hiring a friend. They could show you the cool spots that only locals know about, and it wouldn't be weird to have a drink with them at their favorite watering hole.
Interesting idea - the social tour guide angle is cool. What stops people from using it for things like prostitution? (Or do you guys care about that use case?)
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Yeah, I'll just leave this here:
yikes 😬. The idea of paying someone to hang out with me, it's a bit depressing. I'd be wondering if the person actually likes me or if he would rather be somewhere else. On the other hand, i wouldn't know how to charge someone for my company, and would feel the need to "entertain" the other person (not sexy time, but something). Maybe if it was merit based, like couchsurfing, i'd be more inclined to try it out. Just a thought.