Ambronite v5

Drinkable Supermeal that quenches hunger for 5 hours.

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Supposedly a tastier approach to the Soylent opportunity. Haven't tried it yet, but look forward to giving it a shot!
@chrismessina Yes, and all delicious real foods & plant based, like almonds, greens and wild bilberries. Can't wait to hear your take on the taste and hunger-quenching effect!
@chrismessina Bilberries are essentially badass blueberries. They're a wild cousin of blueberries (Vaccinium Myrtillus) hand picked from the wilderness from above the Arctic Circle. Several times higher in antioxidants (ORAC) than blueberries and almost any other berry, and higher in vitamins C, E and beneficial anthocyanins that are shown to fight inflammation, diabetes and infections.
@simo_t_suoheimo cool! I figured it wasn't a typo!
When should we expect a nut-free version?😋
@rikulindholm Thanks for the question! Ambronite v5 has almonds, a key source of healthy essential fatty acids in our perfect mix of healthy fats. We've looked into other plant based sources that would be as as good or better, but almonds have turned out to be pretty much unbeatable (and delicious!) So no date yet, but this is definitely on our radar :)
@simo_t_suoheimo I second @rikulindholm question as a person with nut allergies... and as a vegetarian it's super challenging to find something that works
What's the longest time you've lived on Ambronite? 😅
@kallefreese We've tested this, of course, although it's not the idea to replace all meals completely (where's the fun in that!). Our team members have lived off of Ambronite for a few weeks as an experiment, the longest time I think is around two weeks. We love enjoying meals with friends and family too, so this is not really ideal in everyday life for most people because of the different roles social meals play in our life. We launched the first versions in 2013, and Ambronite Supermeals out of real food ingredients have been a part of my life and adventures (and those of our teams' and fans') ever since, typically on a 1-3 meals a day basis. My longest personal streak of going all-Ambronite is 7 days. I felt great the whole time, had lots of energy (and time!), tons of focus at work and strength on the rock climbing wall. It covered all my nutritional bases and doesn't weigh you down like snacks, junk food or heavy buffet lunches, so it's not all that surprising. On a typical outdoor expedition, like climbing or ski touring, I often get 80-90% of my nutrients from Ambronite, which is the ultimate option in terms of weight and performance in the outdoors. In a nut shell, Ambronite can replace any meal and can be enjoyed at any time when you want to quench hunger and stay productive for 5 hours. The social aspect of enjoying great meals is one of the great joys in life, so total replacement of everything is not really the idea. We're all about living life to the fullest, after all!
@kallefreese Two weeks personally. Worked out pretty great. I even went to extensive blood panel before and after and all markers were fine. The thing I like about Ambronite the most is that your can always predict how you are going to feel afterwards. After having a meal, you know that you will have 4-5 hours of steady energy and you can focus on whatever task at hand. So, during the 2 week test, my energy levels were great and I could get stuff done. That said, I missed dinners with my friends and lunch breaks with colleagues. It was really a psychological challenge rather than a nutritional challenge. Instead of lunch meetings I scheduled afternoon coffees :) Well, after all the intention is that Ambronite can replace any meal, but it doesn't need to replace every meal. Personally I kickstart my every morning with Ambronite breakfast and have normal food during other time of the day. Socializing is important part of being a human and sharing a meal is great way for that
I am such a huge fan of ambronite. Morning smoothies. Lunch. After-workout snack. Great to see v5 here!
@nellieliina Thanks Nelli! :-)
Intriqued, but the price point is a deterrent for trial.
@likesoamazing Hi Vanessa! You can grab a sample of one Ambronite Supermeal v5 here:
@likesoamazing Free global shipping is included!
@simo_t_suoheimo Yay! Ordered! 👍🏼 Lets give this a try.
@boaticus Thanks Ken! :)
@simo_t_suoheimo Nevermind, found the US sample page with trial shipping. Looking forward to trying it out.