On episode 7 Beatriz Helena Ramos, Founder and CEO of DADA & Dancing Diablo joined me. Her most recent startup, DADA is a visual conversation platform for artists and art enthusiasts. Her other company, Dancing Diablo is is live action and animation production company based in DUMBO, Brooklyn. After moving from Venezuela to find success in America, Beatriz thought that would be the hardest thing she ever had to do. Then she started her first business and learned that was not going to be true anymore. During this episode we go through: + Starting a brick and mortar Comic book store in Venezuela + Moving to America to find success + Working for MTV and Disney + Who would win in a fight, Batman vs Superman? + Running a remote office in another country + How to restore power to the artists + How to find impactful Mentor's and Advisors The Ambition Today Question of the Day: What is Ambition to you? You can also sure to listen and subscribe to Ambition Today in the iTunes Store for iOS and on Stitcher for Android.