Ambition Today 18: Amir Salihefendic of Todoist

How Amir grew the Todoist app from solo project to millions

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Kevin Siskar
Kevin SiskarMaker@thesiskar · Managing Director, Founder Institute NY
The most ambitious people “Get. Sh*t. Done.” and that is what today’s guest Amir Salihefendic specializes in. Joining us from Portugal, Amir is the founder of Doist, the company which makes the very popular Todoist app. With millions of users, Todoist is one of the top to-list apps in the Apple App Store & Google Play Store. Amir grew up in an entrepreneurial family in Denmark after his family moved from Bosnia. Starting projects seems to have been in Amir’s blood from an early age. When he was fifteen he sold his first website and invested the money he made in a new Macbook in order to start a new business building and selling websites. Later he went on to build Plurk, and fast forward to today, Amir has built Todoist. The to-do list app started as a personal project for just himself, but when he released it on his personal blog to only 300 people, he saw there was immediate demand for it. Todoist has since grown to millions of users. Throughout this episode we discuss how Amir built his company with remote teams, scaled to several million dollars annually in revenue, and also: + How having entrepreneurial parents influenced Amir. + Why scaling too fast can hurt your company if you are not ready for it. + How to keep your life organized and efficient. + Why you should make powerful product features, simple. + The impact that mission, passion and culture can have on a company. + The best characteristics for employee's joining remote teams and where to find them. + How your employees are your biggest investments. + The importance of constantly investing in yourself across all the skill sets you need. + Focusing on high impact work and actively working to avoid distractions. + How to make the most of your To-do list and optimize it. + Why you need to "swallow the frog" at the start of every day. Ambition Today Question of the Day™: How do you define success? Had a great time recording this episode with Amir! Thanks for coming on the show Amir!