Ambition Today #13: Alex Konrad of Forbes

The future of media, Harvard, and startup venture capital

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Episode 13 comes to you from New York Offices of Forbes as we are joined by Alex Konrad. Alex is a staff writer at Forbes covering venture capital, startups and enterprise tech. Aside from our discussion around Kanye West's recent discovery of Twitter we explore Alex's journey to now. Alex grew up in New York City, then went on to write at the Harvard Crimson before working at Fortune. Alex now is a staff writer at Forbes and also works on the Forbes Midas List, ranking the top Venture Capitalists of the past year, and the Forbes 30 Under 30, highlighting up and coming creative and business people. Today we talk about Harvard, the future of media, startups and venture capital. We cover a lot in this episode. including: + Getting into Harvard. + Working for the Harvard Crimson news and editorial board. + Why empathy matters so much in today's world. + How Alex got his start at Fortune working on the Fortune 500. + The relationship between print and digital articles in 2016. + When to go outside your "swim lane". + How to become a real New Yorker? + The advantages of the New York Tech Scene. + Writing the Forbes Midas List and Forbes 30 Under 30. + How large tech companies grow global startup ecosystems. + What global cities are up and coming for startups. + Why are the Venture Capital markets slowing down. + The best way to get media attention for your brand. Ambition Today Question of the Day: How important is self marketing?