Ambition 2.0

Performance tracking software for the Millennial workforce

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Looks like an interesting product... Cleary focused at the more enterprise market with the pricing of this... Would be good to know of any competitors that offer a similar product suitable for smaller startups, would be interested in giving it a try.
@davidshawblog great point David - really any company or team that has goals or metric targets can get a ton of value out of Ambition. I'd love to chat about pricing/ fit and see if we can help you drive performance + culture
I follow Jeremy on LinkedIn ... have read his articles and generally get the feeling he "cares" ... pretty important aspect of helping lead a product into the market. If people really make the difference (everything else being equal) ... Ambition 2.0 will be a hit!
@amckinnis Arnie, thanks so much for the kind words. We have an amazing, inspiring team here. I just do my best to represent them well. Lots of exciting stuff to come from us. Great client base already, too. Everyone from huge companies like UPS, Lyft, Penske, Total Quality Logistics and West Corp to fast-growing young companies like MyWedding, Outreach, VorsightBP and FiscalNote. Very cool thing to be a part of.
Anything in here for knowledge work or is it all metric-driven-grind? That's not a dig, but more curious how this would apply to something where measuring X is ambiguous at best.
@shloky Hey Shlok. Absolutely, Ambition's goal mgmt system is perfect for creating > tracking > aligning free form goals that don't have to be tied to a metric. If you have KPIs to grind on, beautiful. If you have ambiguous goals that you can update as progress is made over time, equally as beautiful.