Turn music into light

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Wish this integrated with LIFX...
looks awesome - thinking of a hue as a gift for somebody, and this would make it compelling - what I'd gladly pay for is a physical gift card with an app redeem code so that I could give it with the physical hue set. that would be a kinda cool thing to throw on your site...
I bought this piece of software, it really is not a great piece to buy at the moment because it's extremely buggy. Also notice how their last update to the application was in 2015....Why post this if the software is poorly written and barely updated?
I think @NikkiElizDemere will like this πŸ’ƒ
This looks awesome! An integration with Amazon Echo or IFTTT would be huge. 'Hey Alexa, turn on party mode' then your computer/Sonos plays a specific playlist & turns on Ambify. Must be a slick way to integrate within a smart home setup. Great work regardless.