The soundtrack of people

Concentration is tough with an absence of sound. Ambients reintroduces the quiet, persistent background noise of the world with audio tracks meant to soothe without distraction.
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As someone who is used to working at coffee shops and likes a little background noise, this app is perfect during this pandemic. I'm the type of person that wants to be around people when I work, but doesn't want to be bothered either. Is this AR functionality to make it seem like I'm around people too? 😀
Thanks @stevepyoung and everyone! This is one I've been using every day myself. I play it in the background while I work. Coffee Shop gets a lot of use, and probably will until I'm ready to return to my favorite one. When the weather's good, I love working outside with Beach. The waves and the crackling fire help keep stress away (until I can get to the actual beach.) I've also taken to listening to Paris Stroll and Madrid when I'm walking in the mornings; it reminds me of actual walks I've taken through the popular spots in those places before. Many of the tracks came from binaural recordings taken before the pandemic, so you can really hear what those spaces sounded like before everyone had to stay home. I hope to add many more like those. Would love your feedback and request for future tracks! Thank you for your support. P.S. Android version is in progress and coming very soon!
What a lovely idea!
Looks interesting.
This is great! In this chaos everyone really needs something like Ambient.