Amber by inFeedo

A.I bot that helps engage employees and predict attrition ⚡️

Amber by inFeedo is an A.I. bot that is helping companies engage their employees and proactively find those who are unhappy or about to leave.

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Hola, Product Hunters! 👋 4 years ago.. we just had 1 mission, "To make the voice of every employee felt heard and valued." But today, as the founder of inFeedo, I am super excited to have you meet Amber... she is our smart A.I. chatbot who can talk to your employees and proactively find those who are unhappy or most likely to leave. Amber has helped 20+ companies like GE, Dunkin' Donuts and Domino's Pizza: 1) Leverage the power of "A.I. in HR" to improve employee experience/engagement. 2) Introduce "Predictive People Analytics" to reduce top talent attrition. 3) Automate a "Continuous Culture Evaluation" to diagnose culture issues. Just for you PH folks, I would be happy to personally share how she has left an impact and a trail of success stories with CEOs of companies like nearbuy (Groupon India) below:
Now all you have to do is say hi to me at or on LinkedIn. We’re super excited to see what you all think and we’ll be around all day for questions! :) A big shout out to @kwdinc for hunting us. Cheers mate!
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For the curious ones, here's a crash course to get the best out of Amber's culture reports:
Do share anything and everything that comes to your mind. We are here to answer all your questions :)
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How’s it different from any other HR bot?
@vermasandeep 99% of HR chatbots till date have focused only on "answering questions" on behalf of customer support or HR operations, to automate their help-desks. The other 1% can only do surveys but lack predictive analytics capabilities. Amber on the hand happens to be the only chatbot in the world that regularly "asks the right questions" in a tenure based manner with an objective to predict human behavior in enterprises. In fact, as on 15th August 2016, inFeedo was actually the first company in India to introduce A.I. to predict attrition in HR :)
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When I first saw Amber in action, I was amazed! Good job, team.
@mohitmamoria thanks Mohit :)
Hi @tanmaya! Amber looks as a very promising product for HR. Kudos to you and your team. ☺ Btw, do people open up to Amber with all honesty?
@prakharshivam Superb question, Prakhar! This was our biggest challenge in the early days and after months of research we learnt that employees expect "confidentiality" and not "anonymity." Firstly, we made Amber's reports confidential to CEO/HR leaders only and you'll be surprised to know how many people started opening up to her. We've even had a case where a woman shared a case of harassment with Amber because she didn't know who to report it to. Here it was interesting to note that she felt more comfortable confiding in a neutral bot as compared to her manager who could have a bias, judgement or takeaway her job. Secondly, we designed Amber's questions in a manner that they don't question the employee but actually question the company's experience provided to the employee. This, along with a feeling of action being regularly taken on constructive feedback has helped people open up to Amber with all honesty :)
@tanmaya It's great to know that. All the best! :)