A simple Dropbox-based mood board creator

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What kind of (Dropbox) permissions do you ask for when signing up? Do you get 'Condoleezza" level access to my DB?
@boxcardavid We do request full access. We wanted to have the AMB 1 folder sitting at the top level and not inside of Dropbox's Apps folder. In testing, we found that once it was added to the Apps folder, people forgot it existed. We are exercising best practices, encrypted tokens with expiration, and we haven't asked Condoleeza to join our board. We also encourage people to keep track of the apps they grant access to in the security section of their settings panel on the Dropbox website.
@boxcardavid Hey David, I just wanted to let you know that after our initial feature on PH, we received great feedback and decided to update our permission request. As of last week, we only request access to the Apps folder of your Dropbox. I still have to break the news to Condi and I'm not sure how she'll take it TBH, but I hope this motivates you to take another look!
Awesome tool! I instantly made a great with all the awesome gifs people made with Instant
Thanks again for hunting us @teodorik! We're really excited to be on Product Hunt. With AMB 1, we wanted to create a simple tool to view and share image collections – for inspiration, for fun, or for work. It’s all about the images, so we made the setup and the interface as invisible as possible. Whether you’re building a mood board, making a presentation, or sharing hundreds of your photographs, we hope you’ll appreciate the beauty and simplicity of AMB 1. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback!
@urbanorganism Minimalism FTW! Pinterest integration would be amazing! Their API has GET functionality at the board/pin level but nothing for selects. Might be do-able.
@urbanorganism I would like to ask you: can I easily rearrange position of images? Custom name and maybe possibility to change sizes of images would be great too :)
@teodorik we are working on this now. Stay tuned!
@kkdub Many thanks! We are getting lots of great feedback regarding additional functionality and integrations. Once the dust settles, we're going to review our notes and see what makes the most sense!
@kkdub @urbanorganism great suggestion! I would like to see some of my Pinterest collections on AMB 1.
Curious if this project is dead, or if it is going to be receiving new features (image sorting, custom names, image resizing)?
Clean,minimal,and simple to use! Very nicely done!
@tnsrig Thanks Thanasis!