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A handy little tool that not only finds the optimal shipping solution for all items in your Amazon cart, but also enables you to get every product from straight to your home address, anywhere in the world. Get 20% off your first shipping, exclusively for Product Hunters.
@nikkielizdemere Thanks for hunting us Nichole :)
Hi Hunters, I'm Asi the founder and CEO of, I'm so excited to be here. I hope you like our new cool tool for Chrome that finds the optimal international shipping solution for all items in your Amazon cart with 1 click of a mouse. The real magic happens in the background where the system finds the most appropriate boxes for the items while keeping them safe in transit. This tool opens up a new world for international shoppers at Amazon., all products on can be shipped anywhere in the world. Shipping multiple items in 1 shipment saves up to 80% off standard international rates. No more "Sorry, this item can't be shipped to your selected address." messages at checkout. I'm here waiting for your comments and feedback. Thanks Asi
@asiliech Users ask us about shipping products internationally all the time. A good chunk of our userbase ships to forwarders who send the orders to Japan, Philippines, and all over the world. Some of the friction we've noticed is that end users don't know exactly what Amazon sent to the forwarder. So I'm excited to see options to include photos. With the discounts on Purse + package consolidation on uSendHome, international residents could get better deals compared to shopping on Amazon as a US resident. Please let me know if you're interested in discussing a partnership (andrew @ Great work!
@2drewlee Thanks for the warm words, I look forward exploring further with you!
Amazing! It still baffles me how Amazon still shows me products I'm unable to buy, even when signed in without any US shipping address. (I live in Europe) I have been looking for something like this for a long time, and even thought about making a chrome plugin to automatically remove products that doesn't ship to your location. But this looks like a much better solution! Will definitely try it out the next time I'm shopping on Amazon =)
@preben_frenning Thanks for the feedback, I don't really understand why Amazon only pops up the message at checkout, but who am I to complain ;)
Has anyone used the tool yet? would like to hear your thoughts / ways of improvement and everything you can think of. Thanks
@asiliech I've used it and have pretty much had nothing but trouble
I may be a noob but, does this chrome extension changes Amazon URL's to the extension owner's referral link? Here is the amazon URL
@henihazbay No, the extension doesn't play with the URL at all, it does one thing which is getting data of all items currently in cart to find the optimal shipping solution.
@asiliech Thanks for clarification.
@henihazbay No problem, did you manage to see results?
@asiliech I am in contact with your support team which provides almost instant responses. :)