Amazon Tap

Alexa-enabled portable speaker

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So now with the Dot, Echo and Tap how do they stack up?
@joshdance This is what confuses me the most. The Echo is an Alexa-enabled portable speaker. The Dot is a smaller Alexa-enabled portable speaker. The Tap is... an Alexa-enabled portable speaker?
@joshdance The echo and the dot are the same except the echo has its own big speaker. The tap doesn't have the always-on listening and it's supposed to be portable.
@mvkel @joshdance Echo and Dot aren't portable, only Tap.
Is this really worth $50 more than the JBL Flip 3 just for Alexa? I feel like the portability of it would make Alexa unusable most of the time...
If this were always listening while charged it'd be a killer product. Unfortunately... I don't see it doing well as is.
So this is basically Echo, but portable and not "always listening"? (You have to push a button to activate?)
pushing a button to activate? Are we back in 2010? ;) Jokes aside, the best feature of echo is that is always listening, if I have to push the button to ask something, it's easier for me to get my phone and search directly.