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Bring your story to life w/ Amazon's new screenwriting tool

#1 Product of the DayNovember 22, 2015
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Ohad Ron
Ohad Ron@ohadisohad · Wantrepreneur
This was not one of the items in my list of guesses for the next million Amazon products.
ali mirza
ali mirza@alimirza2k · Growth Marketer & Digital Entrepreneur
@ohadisohad They always have some kind of surprise .. lol
Stephanie@hellostephanie_ · Making stuff
@ohadisohad That was my first reaction exactly! Though the more I think about it the more it makes complete sense for them.
Jeff Needles
Jeff NeedlesHunterHiring@jsneedles · Data @ Houseparty & Maker of Things
This looks like a really neat initiative by amazon. Not only do they offer a very feature rich product for FREE, but they also are using this as a source of material for their original content. After you finish, you can easily submit to Amazon Studios. h/t @sarahintampa
Paisano@paisano · Applanta
More about Celtx. They have a simple web version like Amazon story but their desktop client for Mac or Windows works much better. It syncs your work to your web account (most of the time). There are mobile apps too for iPhone/iPad.
Vladyslav Chernyshov
Vladyslav Chernyshov@vladyslav_c · Cosmonaut @ Zomato
It's interesting, but the submit part not so much, they can get it made, but it's not like you'll get anything out of it. Basically this is good if you are looking to get your name out there I guess, but even then, will they give you credit for? They should make the submission part more enticing.
Napoleon Suarez
Napoleon Suarez@napoleonsuarez · Founder, Fishbox
What if they went all Google on everyone and mined the content on their servers to algorithmically create "original content"?
Kristi Klemm
Kristi Klemm@kristijoklemm · VP
@napoleonsuarez I had the same thought. In the least, I am betting they will scan and use as a source for amazon content.