Amazon Skin Care Bot

Shopping assistant bot for skin care products

Amazon Skin Care Bot is personal shopping bot assistant for Amazon Skin Care Products.

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Amazon Skin Care Shopping Bot is pretty useful and can save you time to find the best thing that’s happened to your face in a long time! :) She :) is saying that " I am here to simplify your Amazon Skincare products shopping experience." Bot asks simple but important questions to identify your needs to show you the best product options. It is a facebook messenger chatbot, Check it out!
Site doesn't seem to be working =(. Interesting concept and my gf is very interested.
@rickyyean Great... I hope your gf will enjoy :) Bot's link is here
@rickyyean @memuted and now that link is broken. I went to the real bot and it’s basically just a filter. Meh
Hi everyone! Ciler, thanks for hunting us. It is our first launch on Product Hunt, so all of Cbot team members are excited. Our team built Amazon Skin Care - chatbot in Facebook Messenger that helps you to find the best skin care product for your skin in less than a minute. Why did we make it? Finding right skin care product process takes us a lot of time and efforts, the market is so crowded in that area - full of brands and products which seems same. Understanding the needs - asking questions and having a conversation with a customer is extremely important because Skincare is not only about beauty it is also about health! Looking forward hearing your thoughts!
I think that you chatbot would be more clever with this technology: Screening skin diseases by AI&CV
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