We’ve been hard at work developing a new, fully-electric delivery system – Amazon Scout – designed to safely get packages to customers using autonomous delivery devices. These devices roll along sidewalks at a walking pace. Starting today, these devices will begin delivering packages to customers in a neighborhood in Snohomish County, Washington.

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Looks like a carbon copy of Starship
@jagomagi That is what i was thinking but couldn't remember the name.
@jagomagi Yeah and the Amazon video shows it actually being used and isn't so much as the marketing team patting the engineers on the back with a "cool" intro video.
Similar design to Postmates' Serve robot.
What about thieves?
@stefano_alonso What stops someone from packing the whole bot and driving away?
@stefano_alonso @yolo_jo security cameras I assume and GPS trackig
@stefano_alonso @yolo_jo @anna_0x Which could be easily passed by just wrapping the whole bot in thin foil. I can imagine local teenagers are going to have fun with this.
I wonder how long before I see these on the sidewalks of San Francisco.
@gabriel__lewis It's gonna run over a lot of poop 😉
@gabriel__lewis I thought they banned delivery robots
@gabriel__lewis You can already see original product delivering goods in SF: https://www.sfgate.com/business/...
Quite frankly, I feel like the design here is much better than the Postmates robot. The implementation of lasers inside the visor will surely eliminate all other food robot delivery competition.