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Earn 2% back on Amazon purchases

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Amazon recently launched Prime Rewards Card, offering 5% back on purchases made on Amazon. Don't want another credit card? Have bad credit? You can get 2% back by just putting money onto an Amazon "gift card".
@andrewett you're the next Billy Mays!
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Only 2? Concurents give more
This reminds me of the Jetblue <> Amazon partnership that gives 3 points/$ spent on Amazon (aka approx 4% cash back) that you can double dip by purchasing gift cards. Cool nonetheless!
@nickabouzeid Wait i have that card... how can I double dip? from my understanding it all just goes to Jetblue points
You can double dip with the JetBlue partnership - click on the affiliate link, buy an Amazon Gift card (3 points/dollar) with whatever card you want (I use Amazon Prime for 5% back), send the Amazon gift card to yourself (a different email that you control). Redeem the gift card on your Amazon account, hit the affiliate link again, add whatever item you wanted, then pay for it with the gift card. You'll get 5% off, 3 points/dollar spent on the Amazon gift card, and another 3 points/dollar from when you bought the actual item. πŸŽ‰