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It turns out #HappyPrimeDay is a little daunting. Our team's been up since it went live to find all the best products that are part of the promotion. As Canopy continues to evolve, we're hoping to do more real-time, experimental projects like this. As always, feedback is welcome :)
@shanndfox alright, this was actually a nice collection. Prime Day is definitely overwhelming!
Thanks @chrismessina. We have all hands on deck (shout out to @okaykap @rdbannon and @playgroundscott) keeping it fresh and updated. Glad to hear you are enjoying it!
Loving the UI on your site.
@markiyanm Agree. One of the best looking sites I have seen in a while
@makiyan malko...I'll have to agree - the UI is super sleek. Great work Shannon and thanks for sharing.
I hope the 55 gallon drum of personal lubricant was included.