Amazon Price Tracker

Monitor Amazon product availability & price on Google Sheets

#4 Product of the DayAugust 19, 2017

Amazon Price Tracker helps you to list products you want to track on a Google Sheet. It automatically updates the latest availability information and alerts when it reaches a certain price.

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Interesting approach, @labnol. I did not know there was an Amazon Advertising API (assuming that is what lets you track inventory as well) but this is a nice wrapper around it. Do you see this becoming available in a different view like a website (borderline CamelCamelCamel) besides a Google Spreadsheet (which I assume will require some permissions on your drive account unless you 'own' the Google spreadsheet).
Very interesting for the affiliate space. Thanks.
@theashtube absolutely, Ashley. Incredibly excited using it in useful ways.
@theashtube any chance you could explain what the affiliate space is? ๐Ÿ™‚
@john_amadeo Basically you could use these lists to work out which products are changing in price and promote them to users as part of the Amazon Associates program, therefore earning 5-7% of the sale commission.
@theashtube aah I see - thanks for explaining! :D
@theashtube Agreed. I can only really see this being used for that purpose. For just regular deal hunters, I'd recommend the Keepa Chrome extension. It lets you set up email alerts for products, and embeds a lot of useful data on the Amazon product page itself.
@labnol this looks interesting! What use cases/scenarios/industries do you think this product will really resonate with?
It'd be interesting to be able to log how many of an item are available for sale for each day. Would this be possible @labnol?
Interesting @labnol, this is a new use case with price tracking that I've not seen before. Not sure why someone would pay for this service though.