Amazon Key

An in-home security camera and smart lock


Amazon Key allows Prime members to receive packages inside their homes with smart key access and a cloud security camera.

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23 Reviews3.3/5

I think it's a good idea and if an Amazon employee were to steal it would be on video anyways.


You can watch everything from your phone and allow people to unlock your door.


Amazon has access to open your door and if someone were to hack the system it would open a lot of doors and someone could steal from you.

Amazon is a good company and even with cool features of amzon services, there is no way to allow strangers entering your own house

Even with trustful partners and employees, if anyone has access to databases, bad ppl can get access to your house....




There is no security at all

It's a good idea and how to deal with the issue of people who actually steal packages off doorsteps. But I don't feel comfortable having a stranger enter my home just to put a package in. Also, I would have to change my front door lock just to accommodate for this service. I wonder how much that will cost.


Nice the package can come to my door


Don't like the fact that I am letting a stranger into my home