Amazon Fire TV

Amazon's response to Apple TV, now w/ voice commands & more

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Big update to Amazon Fire TV. They've added Echo voice integration, 4k support, and a gaming controller. Ultimately, the platform and app-builder support will make or break the Fire platform though.
@rrhoover Are you sure it supports 4k? I checked and it says HDMI output is 1080p.
@tristancelebi according to Engadget's coverage, it has 4k support.
Nice :) That is what I was waiting for, 2gb Ram.
I bought the fireTV stick when they launched at the $19 special prime price. I have loved it. I also bought my girlfriend an Apple TV shortly after that. The Apple TV's interface felt very dated. I really don't feel like I'm lacking anything with just the fireTV stick but if I were to upgrade I'd probably go with the new FireTV.
@patrickjbradley if you're not heavily invested in the Apple/iTunes ecosystem, sticking with Fire TV is mostly a safe bet, provided it stays successful enough for them to continue support.
@bradenhamm I am an iPhone/Macbook Pro user but hardly use iTunes. I think that Amazon Prime Video is something that will continue to fuel popularity for FireTV. I don't believe they have an Apple TV app? I honestly didn't even think much about Prime Video until I bought the stick. Now I use it at least as much as Netflix and I've even found myself renting the occasional movie and TV episode. I think the fireTV line is doing pretty well as far as marketshare but even if Amazon did completely drop it, I don't believe I'd have too much trouble moving to a different option.
@patrickjbradley Interesting. I use my Apple TV for Airplay A LOT, so it'd be hard to use another stick for that alone. But I use Prime Video too since it's on my BluRay player, for their instant catalog and for rentals (usually a dollar cheaper than iTunes). There isn't an Amazon Video app on the ATV yet, but I'm hoping Amazon makes one for the new Apple TV OS, and if they do, I hope Apple doesn't block them.