Amazon Fire TV

Amazon streaming and gaming STB

Lots to like here—I particularly appreciate their "open" approach where a search returns the cheapest way to watch any piece of content, independent of platform/app. Voice search and BT in-remote are welcome additions to the living room as well.
Only $99 w/ free shipping. I'm particularly interested in the gaming side (they'll offer a $40 dedicated controller). I've been waiting for Apple and Google to get serious about TV gaming. I didn't expect Amazon to beat them to it.
This launch confused me. I figured Amazon would be a little more aggressive with price. The game thing isn't as interesting to me @rrhoover .. I think all Apple needs to do is open the Apple TV and make it easy for people to port their apps (like they did with iPad) and suddenly they'll command this ecosystem. If I was Amazon, I'd be leveraging their size/scale more and going after volume sales and getting as many of these things into living rooms as possible. Who knows. I just wasn't that impressed with it. Clearly better UI and experience than Roku, but I'd still heavily recommend Apple TV to people.
@mulligan I was also expecting a sub $99 price specifically because of the Apple TV pricepoint. And we know that Amazon likes to make money when people *use* their hardware, not buy it, so maybe they just couldn't get it any lower? That said, on a tech specs basis, it seems like you're getting more bang/buck with the Fire TV than the Apple TV. Also agree that Apple TV could approach feature parity here pretty quickly. They need to figure out something defensible. I was actually pretty impressed with the launch, but I've invested enough content-wise in iTunes that I can't get rid of my Apple TV. That being said, my TV has more than one HDMI port...