Amazon Dash Wand with Alexa

Say it. Scan it. It's in your cart. The Most Personal Alexa.

Complete impulse buy, but with $20 credit toward your next purchase after you register the Wand, it was hard to pass up.
Ordered. No matter how well it works, that use case of standing in front of the refrigerator and planning a meal is 🔥
@richardginsberg I was actually thinking CueCat - which had the scanner but not the voice interface.
Everything Amazon does is to make us ever more dependent on them. But no one else is doing the same and that worries me with the power they have. Another thing, there won't be price competition either, at least not that the buyer is involved in.
@androidlove I wouldn't say no one is trying to compete, it's just that they have a significant head start. Google is hot on there heals though. The difference is that this is that Amazon focuses on hardware, Building an ecosystem of physical devices. on the other hand Google tends to make it's features software, build an ecosystem of some devices that can do MANY things. I think Amazon is smart in making a physical devices because it adds a more tactile feel to there product service. But Google is damn near Amazon in features in EXISTING devices alone.
@ekana_stone @androidlove True. This is simply a device that makes ordering from Amazon Fresh easier. It's not like competition for that service doesn't exist. Local supermarkets in my area have a similar food delivery service. The only difference is the ease of use. And then you also have services like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, etc....Or other services that deliver food from restaurants for you like Postmates, etc....There are 100's of food services out there that service different parts of the US. All any of them has to do is take voice recognition more seriously and build it into their existing smartphone applications, or leverage another vendor's A.I. device to hook into and service their customers with. The great thing is that Google and Apple are building API's and developer tools that will allow 3rd parties to leverage the power of their voice recognition and A.I. platforms to produce their own solutions for their customers. And at the end of the day, it's not like Amazon can stop you from growing your own fresh food and shopping locally at farmer's markets and local vendors. They simply can't complete with them on price. There will always be a market for that.