Amazon Assistant

Compare products & prices while searching & shopping online

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Super curious rebrand of Amazon's 1Button App. Looks solid. The price comparison toolbar is the most devious:
@chrismessina If you click through that walkthrough, you'll get to a point that says something like "In the future I will be able to tell you when your order ships". That is going to be pretty cool.
@fosteronomo Not quite but those guys did a good job.
Serious question (as I have too many Chrome extensions to try new things out easily): Is this worth me switching from InvisibleHand?
@nathenmcvittie so as the lead of the team that makes the Amazon Assistant, I can't comment on whether you should use it over another solution but what I can tell you is that you should let me know what you want to see in the product to be happy using it- as I have that kind of pull :-)
Nice one Amazon, you finally came up with Invisible Hand :)