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Just clicked on NSFW. 😳😳😳
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@rrhoover Did you buy the Moby? 😏
@rrhoover Those "Farmland Pork Brains" look 👌. 😶
@rrhoover The infant circumcision training kit...just scary
@rrhoover I just checked out of curiosity after watching your comment. Figured its a right expression 😳😳😳
I just discovered this new project by William and Jules. They always do great stuff, so I was really curious about their new gem! Amazing Hunt, is a community to discover new amazing things available to buy on Amazon. There are a lot of categories to explore, for many different occasions (birthday party, Christmas, ...) The WTF section... is really WTF. Check it out!
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Nice design 😛 Isnt there a bit of a bottleneck here though, as someone can submit something but you then have to convert to affiliate link then upload. How do you see this scaling?
@bentossell Thanks for the feedback! The affiliate link is converted automatically when a product is added. Currently the upload process is manual but we will streamline it after the launch!
@bentossell do things that don't scale at first!
@tomfme yeh was asking how it will in the future. user submissions etc (learnt the affiliate is converted automatically which was one thing I thought would be painful to do manually!) :)
@bentossell @tomfme What we'll implement is product detail crawling when a product is added, it should remove most of manual copy and pasting 🤖
Thank you Nicolas for the hunt! We are bringing together the best of Amazon with the beauty of Product Hunt for your delight. Are you an Amazon addict? Well, if you've already wandered the Amazon website in search of things that only exist in your imagination (meaning just scrolling around and clicking on random images) then Amazing Hunt is the place for you! We know that as Amazon addicts we are not alone in the World. So come and join us in this exciting adventure. We will answer your questions for 24 hours, so don't be shy :) 🧀
Something about the layout and branding look familiar. Can't quite put my finger on it though. 😸
@neilsandhu Thanks! My lawyer friend told me to say: Any resemblance to real persons, websites or products, is purely coincidental. 😹