Amazing Creatures

Summon creatures from another Realm and end The Rift.

You are an Avatar. You can Summon Creatures from another Realm, bond with them and access their magical Powers. Upon your command your Creatures can transform and join you in battles. There is a Great Conflict and you may be the one who will change everything.
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In November 2017 I had an idea of a game that was an echo to the brilliant games I played as a kid in 90s-early 00s. Games that actually had a story, mystery and novelty. I'm talking about Crash Bandicoot, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, these kind of games. I wanted to make a game that'd remind guys like me about the games we used to play back then. The game that'd have the style. The last 17 months were spent on game design and game logic (and their numerous revisions), art and style (and their few total re-dos), actual game development (and dev hell). And now it's out. I welcome you to download and try the Amazing Creatures: Alpha Release. Keep in mind, there are some limitations since it's in Alpha: - Android only, at the moment. - Single player only. Deleting the data resets the game. - Artifacts related to Battle/Clash modes don't work. - Powers don't work. - Statuses and Affects don't work (displayed correctly, though). - You can't Summon a Creature (it's mostly a multiplayer thing). People been asking me if it's easy to play Amazing Creatures? Is it a time killer? Is it casual? The quick and short answer to these is "no". The long answer is below. I'm a fan of RPGs (JRPGs, them considered being a separate genre), a fan of complex games and game logic. So, no. Amazing Creatures is anything but casual and easy. Though, it's not dead hardcore either. I tend to think the more you play, the more challenging and rewarding it gets.
thanks for this staff.
I dig the monster art style, but my JRPG grinding days are pretty much over. Might give it a try once it's on iPhone to get a feel for the gameplay, but I probably won't stick with it.
@joeduncko Thanks. Join the betasquad (via website) and we'll notify you once it's on iPhone.
Cool website and art hope the game is realesed soon!
awesome artwork! can’t wait for the iphone version. I’m also a big fan of complex rpg-style games plus cool creature/character design.