Amazing Airfare

Airfares that are 50% off or more texted to you


From the maker

@zacharycohn · Founder, Wonful Consulting
Henry - Quick answer to all: it depends on the deal!

Most tend to be round trips, but some are one-way. Most deals tend to have pretty good availability (for example, in December I booked NYC-Johannesburg for $270 in September. Very far out!) but sometimes you only have a month or two (or sometimes only a week or two!).


Gillian Morris
@gillianim · CEO, Hitlist
I'd be curious to see what this does that @hitlist_app doesn't already do for free.
@golocalapps · GoLocalApps
Dude, you are my new best friend. Seriously. Going to keep this secret from my wife just so I can be the amazing husband that sweeps her off on weekend vacations more often.
Henry Bayuzick
@henrybayuzick · UX Designer
This looks great! Are these all one-way flights or will you be sending round-trip prices as well? And how far in advance are the flights usually? Are we talking tomorrow, this weekend, or this month? Awesome product though! Thanks!
@zacharycohn · Founder, Wonful Consulting
Maker here, paying attention. Let me know if you have any questions! This came out of me booking a few of these crazy deals, and people kept telling me to let them know next time I found one... so here we are!
Tim Jones
@timbjones · Founder of @GiffitiApp
This has always been a pain-point for me, however I hesitate @ the monthly fee without knowing the methodology around finding, booking and confirming flights.
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