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Airfares that are 50% off or more texted to you

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I'd be curious to see what this does that @hitlist_app doesn't already do for free.
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@gillianim @hitlist_app It is heavily curated. Quality has gone a bit downhill since it was acquired a few months ago, though.
@gillianim @hitlist_app Maybe they will offer an Android app?
@kaizen502 @gillianim @hitlist_app Plans for an Android app are not going to happen anytime soon.
Dude, you are my new best friend. Seriously. Going to keep this secret from my wife just so I can be the amazing husband that sweeps her off on weekend vacations more often.
@golocalapps Sounds like a good plan to me. "Hey honey, I just booked us two tickets to South Africa. Spent less than $500! total" That's going to be worth some major brownie points.
This looks great! Are these all one-way flights or will you be sending round-trip prices as well? And how far in advance are the flights usually? Are we talking tomorrow, this weekend, or this month? Awesome product though! Thanks!
@henrybayuzick Messed up my original reply. Quick answer to all: it depends on the deal! Most tend to be round trips, but some are one-way. Most deals tend to have pretty good availability (for example, in December I booked NYC-Johannesburg for $270 in September. Very far out!) but sometimes you only have a month or two (or sometimes only a week or two!).
Maker here, paying attention. Let me know if you have any questions! This came out of me booking a few of these crazy deals, and people kept telling me to let them know next time I found one... so here we are!
@zacharycohn Where have people been able to go?
@paulsolt The scroller at the top are all real deals I've sent people on. Rio, South Africa, US Virgin Islands, Iceland, Kuala Lumpur, Panama...
@zacharycohn you should make people pay/tip you if you find them something they like, rather than monthly fee.
@tzhongg A tipping system would be interesting. Hadn't thought of that yet. Thanks!
@zacharycohn Are they low fare class tickets, likely to be stand by, etc.? Would be cool to see a sample, even one batch of past flights before I'd hand over my cc.
This has always been a pain-point for me, however I hesitate @ the monthly fee without knowing the methodology around finding, booking and confirming flights.
@timbjones Great question! 1) There's about ten sites, and another dozen or so twitter accounts, that I monitor. I'll regularly send people to some of these sites for more info, but my service is so you don't have to monitor them all on a constant basis yourself. 2) When I see a great deal (I'm using 50% off normal prices as my litmus test for now. May adjust that up or down depending on feedback), I send an email out to all the subscribers with the details on how to find it and how to book. 3) I send a text to everyone who opted in to getting a text with a summary of the deal and a reminder to check their email! Does that help answer your question?
@zacharycohn It does, thank you!