Amazing Airfare

Airfares that are 50% off or more texted to you



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Gillian Morris — CEO, Hitlist
I'd be curious to see what this does that @hitlist_app doesn't already do for free.
Matthew Strax-Haber — CEO, Caspini Inc.
@gillianim @hitlist_app It is heavily curated. Quality has gone a bit downhill since it was acquired a few months ago, though.
@gillianim @hitlist_app Maybe they will offer an Android app?
Mike Grabham — CEO
@kaizen502 @gillianim @hitlist_app Plans for an Android app are not going to happen anytime soon.
Ross@GoLocalApps — GoLocalApps
Dude, you are my new best friend. Seriously. Going to keep this secret from my wife just so I can be the amazing husband that sweeps her off on weekend vacations more often.
ZacharyCohn — Founder, Wonful Consulting
@golocalapps Sounds like a good plan to me.

"Hey honey, I just booked us two tickets to South Africa. Spent less than $500! total"

That's going to be worth some major brownie points.
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