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So hey there, hunters. :) I'm co-founder and SO proud to share the Meeting Canvas with my favorite community. Thanks for hunting it, @kristofertm! Mike Sutton (@mhsutton) is the one who made it actually , so let's see when he'll pop up. Until then you're stuck with me.
Raise your hand if you've never been in an ineffective meeting.... no one?...
@kristofertm Hehe, it's how it goes. Did you try the Canvas? :)
@v4violetta I've already forwarded it around to a # of coworkers ;)
@kristofertm That's great! Thanks, Kris.
@kristofertm You can't see the forest for the hands that went up - this is a $37 billion a year problem in the US alone!
"Life is too short for crappy meetings." Amen.
This was the hardest Karate session to watch - knowing that I was missing our intro on PH - oh my - but all's well ends well. So chuffed that you fine folks have discovered the Meeting Facilitator Canvas - as a trained facilitator it pains me to hear about the human potential and time that is wasted on sucky meetings. Hopefully this helps. So far, the feedback has been really good. We'd love to hear what the Hunters think of it.
Nice tool, will give it a try!
@kelkes Awesome. Thanks, David!