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Mike Sutton
@mhsutton · Co-Founder
@_allenstone Working on it - please say you'll be interested in helping us make it useful for you. Can I ping you when we get something that I'm not too embarrased by? (Days - not weeks!)?


Violeta Nedkova
@violetanedkova · Marketing Coach Extraordinaire
So hey there, hunters. :) I'm co-founder and SO proud to share the Meeting Canvas with my favorite community. Thanks for hunting it, @kristofertm! Mike Sutton (@mhsutton) is the one who made it actually , so let's see when he'll pop up. Until then you're stuck with me.
@kristofertm · Founder @ Lamplighter Labs
Raise your hand if you've never been in an ineffective meeting.... no one?...  See more
Jim Gray
"Life is too short for crappy meetings." Amen.
Mike Sutton
@mhsutton · Co-Founder
This was the hardest Karate session to watch - knowing that I was missing our intro on PH - oh my - but all's well ends well. So chuffed that you fine folks have discovered the Meeting Facilitator Canvas - as a trained facilitator it pains me to hear about the human potential and time that is wasted on sucky meetings. Hopefully this helps. So far, the fee… See more
David Wippel
@kelkes · Co-Founder trigo.at
Nice tool, will give it a try!