The coolest drink chillers around.

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@danfallak Is this product any different to the Kitchen Craft version?
@natekettles @danfallak I actually don't see a stainless steel ice ball on that link - I do see a sphere ice mould though - which would be made by freezing water, which would then melt and dilute your spirits - and that's what Amazeballs avoids!
I love the name :) I can see many a conversation starter. I assume there was some brilliant marketing intent there...
@tariktech Thanks! Yeah, just knew that "amazeballs" the word had really ingrained itself in pop culture and figured if I could pair the name with a product that fit, I'd have a pretty solid brand on my hands!
Great entrepreneurial story behind this product and it's maker - plus they work really well (at least through my scientific experiments with scotch).
@francovarriano Thx for the support as always Franco!
These are awesome. Great idea! Website is really cool, and the information is really well put together. Packaging is spot on also, including tongs is a winner. I had a little bit of trouble reading the font on the website, as it's pretty small. Have you A/B tested a larger font on your site? might just be preferential! Definitely picking up a pair to put in my single malts! Thanks @danfallak!
@aaronleeski Thanks a lot! So far been focused on B2B sales (wholesale) and now looking to move some traffic towards a B2C so this input is super helpful. Will have to do proper A/B test for sure. Thanks for the kind words about the product!
Hahaha! Kudos for the name-- great branding too. You'll do well.
@dustinwstout Thanks for the vote of confidence!