Amaze Photos

A simply well design photo viewer for Mac

Amaze Photos is a powerful photo viewer for MAC. Support all image format, such as JPG, PNG, RAW, even heic and webp. H264 and rmvb video are also playable.
Besides, you can lock private photos with password. Make your photos safe. Hope you like this hunt :)
Dear @mona_carrot : Thanks for your hunt.
@byteamaze Lovely app! Fast indeed! Is it possible to sync tags with the Mac Finder? So if one tags a photo green in Amaze Photos the file itself gets a green tag too.
Dear @t55, thanks for your suggestion, we will evaluate and work for it soon. Have a nice day.
Very clean, downloaded on my Mac and happy, well done:)
@karenmcgeeeee Glad to hear that, thanks.
i needed it for my Mac
@payne_at_aaa Thanks for your support.
Great job!!😊 Want this for windows please! We are deprived of these apps
@ayush_chandra I'm not sure if windows need it. We haven't developed windows apps for a long time.