AM-RB 003

Aston Martin's new hypercar

Project 003 now named AM-RB 003 is the latest hypercar coming from Aston Martin.
Following 2 previous models, this concept car, featuring a hybrid turbo V6 engine, lets you use your smartphone as the car display
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If James Bond was driving this Aston Martin hypercar today, he will use his smartphone for directions 👌 Yes, with the new AM-RB 003, your smartphone is your car display. Every part of the car is thought to weight less. For example, the center console is 3D printed to save weight.
@mrcalexandre I actually find the smart phone element a bit dangerous. I'm driving a super powerful car going 150, looking at the directions on my phone and someone texts me. Not great! Would prefer to separate the two experiences. Also the USP isn't the smartphones element. It's the electric part of it. The smart phone gist for me is unnecessary.
@prokotasic I agree with you on this concern. Notifications while driving is extremely dangerous 😕 I think Driving modes in most recent smartphones would be helpful in solving that. It will prevent drivers from seeing notifications. Personally, Do Not Disturb while Driving is automatically activated when I drive since It was implemented and works with my car.

Use the Tel as display? Come on. A car has its own display. Transferring the cars trajectory, fuel consumption, speed history etc to my Tel could be useful.


Design, engine


A car should use its own display