Am I Responsive

see your website in multiple screen resolutions

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Being able to scroll each of the sites in the various devices was a nice little surprise and delight feature.
fun novelty but not good for actual dev testing.
It works locally as well
@zackshapiro well because you can't get in and detailed and see pixel perfect layout... it's good for a general overview. Even says itself "This is not a tool for testing". I like it but can't use it for actual dev testing responsive breaks.
@ChuckReynolds Chuck is right. I need to be able to resize my browser and watch for every little breakpoint.
@ChuckReynolds @zackshapiro Also because it's using iframes to render the viewport sizes. While this is similar to dragging a browser window you don't get the nuances of testing across real devices
Since I'm about to build out our new design, this is much needed. Thanks!
@zackshapiro These classes make it tons easier to do responsive design:
@zackshapiro You're building in public, right?
@thomasmeagher That's a separate, personal project but we do a lot of PH stuff transparently as well
@zackshapiro PH is very transparent and I love it. Joined the email list for your project. Looking forward to it!
Love it. You can also check to see if Am I Responsive is Am I Responsive #meta. Only inconvenience- looks like you have to enter http://.
Hi all, I created the tool a little while ago to help me with screenshots. Thanks for all the upvotes and comments.