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Your motivational boost in your inbox every morning

By sending you one personalized motivational quote to your inbox every morning, AM brings you the boost you need right out of bed and helps you conquer your day.

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Hello Product Hunters, We are thrilled to officially launch our new product: AM. During our entrepreneurial journey, we realized how much staying motivated was essential to pursue our goals. But as Zig Ziglar once said : "People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily. » and that’s why we built AM, your morning motivational boost. By sending you one personalized motivational quote to your inbox every morning, AM brings you the boost you need right out of bed to help you conquer your day. We’ve handpicked motivational quotes from the most successful and inspiring people and turned them into beautiful images. To make it a truly personalized experience, we’ve developed a smart system that selects the right quotes based on your core interests and send them to your inbox at the right moment based on your location. We would love you to take 1min to subscribe and get your feedback. We are available to answer any questions you may have :)
@danielnef I was thinking of building something like that several months ago because I think Motivation + email = A good product. I am happy to see someone creating a similar product. I look forward to receive my first email tomorrow. (btw the signup process is very simple and I think it will help boost subscriptions) PS : Love the Zig Ziglar’s quote :)
@mrcalexandre Thanks! Happy you like it :)
@pastore_julien @danielnef I love this product. A great feature to add to this would be an audio of the inspirational quote, maybe even as an alarm clock. For instance, you set the time you want the message to wake you up and when the alarm goes off you hear, "“Rather than getting nostalgic…embrace the new opportunities and challenges available to you now.” Richard Branson" I would pay for an app like that.
@m4murice Thanks a lot and very nice idea! We are taking note for later developement!
@pastore_julien @danielnef please keep me posted. I have been wanting an app like that for awhile. I am looking forward to it.
I am one of the first users of Daniel's product and also his co-worker so my opinion is certainly biased. I still want to say that AM is great. I am a kind of person affected by motivational quotes and videos and receiving every morning an handpicked one is a big deal. Kudos to the team
Let me throw in a few more quotes from our collection, feel free to cherry pick the best for AM:
@michaxndr Thanks! Nice quotes collection and very interesting website, I'm bookmarking it.
How many quotes do you have up your sleeve? Am I sure to get a different one every morning?
@bentossell We currently have more than 500 quotes and we add new quotes every day. Our system selects a quote that you haven't received yet based on your interests. There's also a voting feature embedded in the email so you can tell us which quotes motivated you the most. Later we will be able to send you the quotes you liked more often.
@danielnef Nice! Where do you source the quotes from?
@bentossell We source our quotes from books we read, news, articles, discussions and from specific research on the Internet. We handpick the quotes matching our topics and meeting our quality requirements. We aim to gather the best quotes from the most inspiring people from all around the world, that bring motivation and advices from personal and professional life.
@pastore_julien Nice... could be cool to have a submissions option too for others to submit and you can approve... may get messy though!
@bentossell Great idea! We're definitely going to think about it.
What does AM stand for? I guess M for Motivation, what about A? :)
@aramiggs AM is for "ante meridiem", before noon in latin, because it aims to bring you a motivational boost in the morning.