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Oops, this product is not working anymore. is a great alternative to this.
Hey PHers! I built Always Learning because I thought it would be useful if there was a place where I could find the best resources for learning programming and design. It has a PH style to it, but the aim is for it to be more like a Yelp for learning resources - somewhere you go to find the best resources and read comments/reviews about them. Please ask away if you have questions or feedback!
Great site dude! was actually working on the same thing but haven't managed to finish it - I decided to teach myself to program a few years ago and saw the need for a site that acts as a 'yelp' for courses. Given there are so many resources available, it's difficult for people to choose one and get started. Anyway .. *back to the drawing board*
This site helps you find the best ways to learn programming and design.
A great curated resource for app developers. I plan to email to my list next Sunday :)
@paul_s_kemp awesome, thanks πŸŽ‰