Always Be Pitching (ABP) is a platform for featuring curated pitch videos.

Mark Smukler
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    Great way to gain extra visibility and exposure as an entrepreneur!


    None really - always great to get feedback an extra push for your pitch content as a founder.

    Pitching is such an important part of building a company - for investors, customers, and partners - and a product dedicated to improving the pitch is definitely something that will help any entrepreneur.

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Looking pretty good, it's a small feature request but a good thing to have would be to curate by categories. So SaaS founders can easily find great pitches from other SaaS founders.
@aaron_kazah I love that idea. A sort of tag cloud so ppl could click on say "TechStars", "NYC", or "Crypto". I'll add that to the list! Thanks man!
Love this!
@ps_desecration Thanks AJ. I'm a big fan of PowerSpike and everything your team is doing!
Thanks Mubs for Hunting us! Always Be Pitching (ABP) has been a passion project for the better part of the last year, and we're so excited to share it with the ProductHunt community! One of my favorite things about startups is presenting in front of audiences, or pitching to investors. To get better at public speaking I love to watch videos of other entrepreneurs pitching at demo days like TechStars, Y Combinator, or other accelerators. After watching hundreds of these videos I thought it might be a cool project to pull them all together in one place to share. The result is Always Be Pitching, a platform for featuring curated pitch videos.
Looks cool! You should pull in crunchbase funding data for each company so you can sort by the amount they raised.
@reluctanthipstr I love that idea. Adding to our roadmap!