Connected bracelet to help be more mindful

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Dan Leitao
Dan LeitaoMaker@dpcleitao · Partner, Black Stag Consulting
VINAYA is excited to announce Altruis X! ALTRUIS X is a contemporary connected bracelet that syncs with your smartphone to help you be in balance with your body and mind. Mind + Body Tracking: syncs with your smartphone to give you personalise insights about your life about how you move, sleep, and connect everyday. Notification Filtering: keeps you connected to the important things and manage distractions by filtering your smartphone notifications and sending subtle vibrations. Touch Interaction: Helping you log and keep track of daily habits and life events The ALTRUIS X collection comes in ten different design styles designed for everyday wear. The bracelet is crafted in premium materials (genuine leather, silicone rubber or metal mesh) and features a ceramic stone embedded with hidden technology. The VINAYA app offers daily curated content, tools, and data-driven insights that inspire a more mindful life. Daily Wisdom: curated bits of content from our community of thought leaders to inspire introspection and reflection. Mindfulness Tools: a unique set of features that include breathing exercises, guided meditations and intention setting to help anyone find stillness throughout their busy days. Life Insights: helps you understand how your activity, sleep, and digital habits correlate to different parts of your life and wellbeing.
Lisa Roolant
Lisa RoolantMaker@lisaroolant ·
My favourite feature is the deep sound meditations in the VINAYA app. You can literally take the magic of a sound bath with you anywhere and slip into a deep meditation. Plus, the app will track your meditation data and correlate this to other parts of your life like your activity, sleep and smartphone usage - something I haven't seen before!
Kate Unsworth
Kate UnsworthMaker@kateuns · Founder & CEO VINAYA
Taking data analysis with wearables to the next level - understanding the habits that affect your sleep, stress levels, and overall wellbeing :)
Mark Donne
Mark Donne@mark_donne
Liking the look of this, not sure it's something I would wear but it's 100% better looking than my fitbit flex.
Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson@kate_hudson · Head of Customer Happiness
@mark_donne Thank you very much for the feedback, Mark.
Enda Crowley
Enda Crowley@endac · Early adopter
Looks like it could fill a huge gap in the market for people who find smart devices a bit unwieldily! How good is the notification filtering on iOS? How selective/granular can it get?
Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson@kate_hudson · Head of Customer Happiness
@endac Hi there Edna, thanks for your message. We're pleased you like it. You can select 10 contacts and you can also choose keywords to filter with. We also have plans to increase the number of contacts you can filter.