Connected bracelet to help be more mindful



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Dan Leitao — Partner, Black Stag Consulting
VINAYA is excited to announce Altruis X!

ALTRUIS X is a contemporary connected bracelet that syncs with your smartphone to help you be in balance with your body and mind.

Mind + Body Tracking: syncs with your smartphone to give you personalise insights about your life about how you move, sleep, and connect everyday.
Notification Filtering: keeps you connected to the important things and manage distractions by filtering your smartphone notifications and sending subtle vibrations.
Touch Interaction: Helping you log and keep track of daily habits and life events
The ALTRUIS X collection comes in ten different design styles designed for everyday wear. The bracelet is crafted in premium materials (genuine leather, silicone rubber or metal mesh) and features a ceramic stone embedded with hidden technology.

The VINAYA app offers daily curated content, tools, and data-driven insights that inspire a more mindful life.

Daily Wisdom: curated bits of content from our community of thought leaders to inspire introspection and reflection.
Mindfulness Tools: a unique set of features that include breathing exercises, guided meditations and intention setting to help anyone find stillness throughout their busy days.
Life Insights: helps you understand how your activity, sleep, and digital habits correlate to different parts of your life and wellbeing.
Lisa Roolant —
My favourite feature is the deep sound meditations in the VINAYA app. You can literally take the magic of a sound bath with you anywhere and slip into a deep meditation. Plus, the app will track your meditation data and correlate this to other parts of your life like your activity, sleep and smartphone usage - something I haven't seen before!
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