Progress bars for life, year, month & day in new Chrome tabs

Alto is a Chrome extension that shows a life snapshot in new tabs, to help answer two questions:
- Where am I going?
- How much time is left to get there?
This ensures the two most important drivers for great time management: clarity and urgency!
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Hello ProductHunters, Two months ago, I found myself feeling overwhelmed, so I did a quick reality check and realized that my biggest problem with managing my time were: - Difficulty deciding what to work on next - Losing track of the big picture, while working on complex tasks - Getting constantly interrupted and distracted - Not having enough time to spend with the people I love So I've decided to create a simple system to introduce urgency (a stick) and clarity (a carrot) to get my life back on track. To create urgency, the system displays progress bars for life, year, month, week and day. To create clarity, I started by listing the top 7 goals for my life, then started breaking them down to sub-goals for the year, month, week and day. And since I tend to open a new tab right before I visit my favorite time-wasting websites, I decided to show that snapshot right in that new tab, so I can get a quick reality check at the right moment. I used the system for 30 days, and I found myself getting done in one week what usually took me 2 weeks to get done prior. I also felt a great sense of purpose, because I knew how each task I was working on was to the bigger picture of my life. I named is Alto, because it constantly provides me with a high altitude snapshot of my life, while I am cruising at low altitudes. I've got lots of updates in the works for Alto. In the meantime, I'd love for you to try it, and to let me know if it helped you as well. You can read the full story and inspiration behind this product at
@amirkhella so cool Amir ! Could be great if we can have it on desktop too and if we can connect with google or facebook / linkedin etc I had not a confirmation message when I created my account so I was a bit lost but I could connect well :) Also the preference form is not keyboard friendly. I'd like to move my " tasks " (drag&drop) and have a completion about each section on the left vertical tabs (like 2/5 taks done). The completion on the left is a bit unusual and confusing in percentage : I suggest instead something like - for life : 25/100 years, - for year : 5,2/12 months - month : 7/31 days - day : 3/7 hours
@laila_tamani thanks for your feedback and ideas!
HEY AMIR! Noticed it 'replaces' new tab - I already have new tab set up the way I like it. Is it an option, or does it 'do it' on install? Almost installed, and stopped, worried about that. :) Hope you're GREAT brother!
Why does it need me to sign up?

Very happy to have found Alto.


Helps to put things in perspective and make every single day count.