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#5 Product of the DayNovember 25, 2018

Altitude is the place to learn how to travel more for less. Get travel tips, flight deal alerts, and hands-on tutorials without ads or a hidden agenda.

  • Pros: 

    Great deals. Customizable filters limit spam.


    Need to move fast to snag some of the best deals.

    Got access to the open beta a couple of months ago. Really enjoy the ease of use and variety of deals that come through. Looking forward to the blog and tutorials rolling out.

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  • Ellen Chisa
    Ellen ChisaCofounder/CEO,

    Amazing flight deals.


    Short time windows to book a flight.

    I've been a huge fan of the details I'm seeing through Altitude!

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Hi everyone! I'm excited to share Altitude today, the busiest air travel day of the year. Backstory On October 21, my 30th birthday, I traveled to my 100th country. This was an ambitious goal that I set a few years back and one that normally would have cost a fortune to accomplish. I had to figure out how to do it affordably. In the process, I used every flight deal tool and tracker out there. I then built tools that I wished existed to help track airfare prices, monitor airfare trends, and seek out the best deals to places around the world. I learned everything associated with frequent travel, including airline quirks, the best airports to transit through, ins-and-outs of frequent flier programs, top travel gear, and much more. My friends and family became interested in what I was doing and started asking me questions about how to travel so much for so little and wanted me to notify them about flight deals. This is how Altitude was born. ✈️ Altitude is your go to site for flight deals and travel tips that will help you become a more savvy adventurer. 🔥Curated, Quality Deals I’ve flown on nearly every major global airline. Every deal that is shared on Altitude has to be one that I myself would travel on. This means no crazy layovers, unreliable budget carriers, or terrible three-stop itineraries. 🛠Customizable Instead of sending one mass deal to all members, you will receive an email or SMS text that is tailored to your preferences. Looking for deals to a certain part of the world? Flights departing specific airports? Or looking to flights on a specific airline to earn elite status? Altitude has customizable filters you can configure. 🌎Domestic + International Coverage Altitude watches for both international and domestic deals departing from all major US airports. You can have as much fun in Paris, France as you can in Paris, Texas and Altitude caters to both audiences. 🗿Destination Insights Travel is meant to be fun. Each deal is sent with at least one tip about the destination. Insights might include favorite restaurants I've visited at a specific destination, hotel recommendations, or sights that cannot be missed. 📚Education A big component of Altitude is the travel tips and tutorial sections, which will continue to grow every week. Members have access to all posts and can suggest future ideas and topics to be covered. 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Ad Free + Member Supported Altitude is 100% member supported and ad free, which means my only motivation is to help you save money and travel smart. There are no referral links, affiliate links or credit card sales pitches on the site. 💬 Here To Help Most importantly I want to help people get out and see more of the world. Have a question about travel, miles + points, or a specific destination? I'm always available to help! Seriously. I reply to every email and you can also reach me via DM. Come give Altitude a spin, I'd love to get your feedback and have you along for the ride!
I've worked in travel, so I'm usually a little bit skeptical (especially about flight deals!) This one is great. Chase gave me access to the beta about a month ago, and since then I've seen awesome deals on multiple flights I'd actually book. The best one was SFO-Nashville (where my in laws are, and we've been meaning to visit...) There have also been further afar deals like Barcelona, Paris, and Melbourne. @chasefoto is basically opening up the tools he built for himself. He travels constantly (I'm hoping he shares his personal story in here too). In a lot of travel products, the business model is either non-existent (so the product disappears) or is entirely commission based and I stop trusting that it's sending me the best recommendations. I'd much rather have this model!
Thanks, @ellenchisa - this means a lot coming from you! The member-first model is a huge component to Altitude and one that I hope to keep growing. ✈️✈️✈️
@ellenchisa congrats on your PH listing, Altitude looks great! We would like to offer you to publish an interview about Altitude at please PM me at for more details
@startupradius @paul_shuteyev cool! I’ll DM you shortly!
@chasefoto sure, will be waiting!
Looks good but I’m not sure how it is different from Scott’s cheap flights. For $40/yr, it’s cheaper than Altitude ($5/month). Would be helpful if the landing could show some comparison for users like me. Since your target audience is deal hunters, they probably already know about sites like SCF.
@utsengar great question and thanks for the feedback 🙌! I'll work on adding a section to highlight the differences on the landing page. With Altitude you are getting: + Personalization You set airlines and airports you want to follow. This is means you will only see deals and prices that are relevant to your preferences. + Immediate Alerts (SMS and/or email) + Wider Deal Coverage Altitude is using both automation + human curation to analyze tons of flight routes daily. This means you will get more deals sent to you. + Deal Archive/History If you're wondering how a current flight price compares to historical deals, you can run a quick search. + Travel Tips and Resources I'm actively building out the content side to Altitude that includes regular blog posts and travel-related tutorials. If you have specific questions, rest assured I'll be there to get you an answer. + Member voices matter I'm 100% open to ideas and feedback. If there is something else that you would like to see, I'm all ears and will do my best to make it happen. ✈️
@utsengar One more (important!) thing I forgot to add. Altitude covers both international + domestic flight deals departing from the USA. I think this is important since not everyone is interested in taking a long international vacation. Short trips within the US can be just as fun and interesting!
Congrats on launching Altitude! My friends are constantly asking how you manage to fly around the world on a budget. So, I am excited that Altitude not only sends flight deal notifications but also provides tutorials on travel hacks like maximizing airline miles and how to get access to lounges.
@littlelaura446 Thanks for your support! 🔥