Alterra Answers is an AI-powered app for Zendesk that instantly resolves support tickets by finding the right answers in Zendesk Guide.

It helps companies to reduce support costs and improve customer satisfaction thanks to shorter time to resolution.

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Michael, thank you for hunting Alterra Answer Bot! Hi PH, I’m Sergei, Founder and CEO. At, we are building intelligent virtual assistants for customer engagement and support. We are a team of Deep Learning/AI/NLP aficionados hailing from Google, Yandex, and academia. Amazing things happen in Deep NLP now -- mind the crazy brouhaha around “dangerous” language model. We are working on making this type of stuff available to every business, large and small. Today we’re thrilled to announce our new product Alterra Answer Bot for Support. Alterra Answer Bot is a question-answering bot that can instantly resolve your support tickets by finding answers in your knowledge base. To make it possible, we had to develop a number of new techniques for our NLP Engine, with word and phrase embeddings, language models, intent classifiers, and search powered by artificial neural networks. Thanks to this “silicon brain”, our answer bot can instantly resolve about 20% of support tickets, which is about four times more than old-fashioned bots. The bot can also work in tandem with human agents by suggesting answers in the Ticket Sidebar of the agent’s desktop and thus helping them to resolve more tickets faster. If you have a Zendesk account you can install Alterra Answer Bot today. It’s free to try for 30 days. Just find Alterra Answer Bot on Zendesk Marketplace, click ‘Install’ and it will appear in your account. A stand-alone version is also available. We'd appreciate your feedback and will be happy to answer questions!
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@burkov App's page on Zendesk App Marketplace:
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This is super cool! No more generic messages like “Dear valued customer, we have received your message. We will get back to you in 24-48 hours”. has built Alterra Answer Bot for Support that answers your customers’ questions by finding the right information in your knowledge base. The answer bot also helps agents to work smarter and to resolve more tickets faster by suggesting relevant answers in a ticket sidebar. Absolutely love the idea of customer support automation in the form of answer bots. Great idea, great team, great product 👏
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Wow, this looks really interesting! What languages does Alterra Answer Bot support?
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@artsiom_kazubouski Currently, the system supports only English. 101 more languages are in Beta, thanks to fabulous BERT word embeddings. Our system doesn't rely on linguistics, sentence parsing rules, etc. It's 100% Deep Learning. We just have to update word embeddings.
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I’ve just tried the answer bot on your website. It works way better than analogous solutions. Great work Alterra Team!
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Hi Alterra Team! Great product and nice approach! Is is your Answer Bot available outside Zendesk? Thanks, Alex.
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@mrraffaelko Yes. Answer Bot is omni-channel: it works in a chat widget on your website, as an overlay over your support web form, as knowledge base search, over email, and in Facebook Messenger. It is integrated with Zendesk, Slack, Telegram and Drift. SMS and in-app channels can be added via our FAQ API.
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