Maker here, paying attention. Let me know if you have any questions! Alterra is for those who know what they want to do on vacation, but don’t know where to go. Search by activities, interests or themes (e.g. romantic, nightlife, outdoors, diving) – Alterra will recommend cities, resorts, national parks, regions or countries to go to.
@bilb02 congrats on the launch!
I'm really digging how specific and inspirational these suggested activities are. Clicking on a specific recommended city is really feature-rich, but a bit overwhelming. I'm not sure how to read the bar chart for best time to go, and I'm not sure that adding the option to click thumbnail images is useful. Nitpicking aside, it would be great to put in a departure city and get a ballpark estimate of say currency exchange and how much flights are (mapping it to Google Flight Explorer would be cool since that product gives rough flight costs) in the arrival city. If I hadn't already planned this year's vacation, I would absolutely use this for ideas.