Alternative To by SaaSHub

Find the alternative to every product with a single click

Whenever we are considering a new product, knowing what the relevant alternatives are is always important. That’s when this extension can help you. It shows the top alternatives to the product you are currently browsing. It is simple and saves you time.
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5 Reviews5.0/5
Looking forward to using the extension! Would love to know how you're structuring recommendations for each website?
@lachlankirkwood Yeah, with something like this the devil is going to be in the details, for sure.
Really good idea. Sometimes you only know one or two brands for a product, and being able to find alternatives this easily really helps.
Awesome idea, slick design and super fast!
@estherlg thaaaaaank you
Thank everyone for all the up votes. It's always good to see that what you've build is helpful. I'd be happy to get some more feedback from people that have tried the extension. Cheers!