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Hi everyone! I’m Ray and I’m the CEO and co-founder of AlphaFlow. We built AlphaFlow Optimized Portfolios to enable investors to truly invest passively in secured real estate loans and earn 8-10% returns while minimizing risk. To do this, we work with real estate lenders around the country and underwrite their loan inventory. We invest in the best deals, then algorithmically diversify our clients’ portfolios across 75-100 loans in 15+ states to create unique AlphaFlow Optimized Portfolios. Our team is built on real estate investing experience, including one of the founders of RealtyShares and one of the first employees at LendingHome, and that led us to launch the industry’s first multi-platform funds last year. We see AlphaFlow Optimized Portfolios as the next evolution of real estate investing, bringing to real estate what Wealthfront and Betterment brought to stocks. Our goal is to take the best practices of professional investment management, like diversification, rebalancing, and institutional-quality data analytics, and automate them so that investors can receive these benefits without the high fees and high minimums of traditional real estate investing. We’d love to hear your feedback, comments, and suggestions! Thank you!
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@ray_sturm amazing, I love passive incomes!
Ray and crew have built a cool product that lets people passively invest in real estate. This tool is to real estate what Wealthfront is to stocks. It automatically builds, manages, and rebalances your portfolio without the need to manage the underlying investments. The approach is great. As a non-expert in real estate, this is how I want to invest in the space.
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I'm overwhelmed with real estate crowdfunding platforms because there are so many options. How much work do I have to do to pick my investments with your platform?
@uscbluedevil Hi Patrick. While we partner with a number of platforms in the space that do a great job of originating loans, we know picking them one by one can take a lot of time (particularly if you're doing your homework on each loan like we do). With AlphaFlow, we take care of all of that. You make one investment, and we take care of all of the investing as well as following up with the originators if there are any issues. You can see each and every one of the loans in your portfolio at any time on your dashboard, but you won't have to do any work. We handle the entire process of building your portfolio!
The AlphaFlow team is incredible, and I look forward to watching the company grow. Great job guys!
Great team and great idea! Makes real estate investment really simple for everyone!