New ideas for big problems, every day

1. Get a fresh problem every day
2. See new startup ideas for each problem
3. Play along if you want to win, or just enjoy the ideas
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Hey PH, super excited to finally launch this! It's the 3rd major iteration of a project started in 2018 and I hope you like it. TLDR - a new problem posted about every day 🤔 - fresh, new startup ideas every day 🔥 - a chance to win the daily prize if you submit your own ideas 💰
I'm increasingly a bigger fan of your work Andrew. I see the direction you are taking with every new release I see on PH and I am dying to see it all tying together in the end. Would love to collaborate together some time on the same theme of ideas/problem solving. It's been a major part of my world for the last few years.
@colinwinhall thanks for the kind words! Just went and looked at your profile and the Problem of the Day looks awesome! I am going to check it out even more later! Yes - it would be nice to tie some of this together!
@awt nice, simple UI. Congrats. Just my initial observations: 1 - Can you help me understand the purpose of the app (beyond a gamified solution bubble-upper)? 2 - The solution choices may need additional details to help the user make a smarter choice - maybe a hover bubble. 3 - I also provided a solution to tomorrow's problem, but received no confirmation that my solution was accepted. Cheers.
@sat2 first, thanks for checking it out! 1. First of all, its away to get new ideas. And sometimes the unexpected problem/solution combinations can spark even more ideas. Beyond that it is fun to see what others are submitting and have a chance to win the round if your idea is most popular. But also trying to use real problems that do actually need to be solved, and encourage people to think about them!
I like the simplicity, @awt, but sometimes I'd prefer to suggest an alternative idea that's not already presented. E.g. currently there's a question around how to "get more money to makers." I can't endorse any of the 3 suggestions provided. 😂
@rrhoover hey, thanks for checking it out! the functionality for that is actually built in and currently commented out! Experimented with allowing submissions right in the round like you say but then thought it might be simpler to restrict submissions to the next round only. But might have chosen the wrong path! Will probably try opening the in-round submissions up again in the next day or two and testing if that is better. Thanks for the feedback 🙏
Would love your feedback about this so we can improve!