Word game from the makers of Triple Town

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Hola. I'm Daniel Cook, game designer for Alphabear. A small team at our tiny little company Spry Fox spent about a year building the game for iOS and Android and have been super delighted at the response so far. Happy to answer questions if you've got them. Hope you are enjoying the game!
@danctheduck Reminds me of Rilakkuma! I love it!
@amelielamont @danctheduck I adore Rilakkuma! Had a Rillakkuma cell phone case for ages.
Loving the style of this game so far. Must play it more.
@wimbet I particularly liked the Madlibs. Also seeing a lot of funny shares on Twitter, so I guess that's working well for them.
@aswinsam @wimbet Played this all weekend. It's really terrific.
@russfrushtick I was addicted to an earlier game made by the same studio - Triple Town. Give it a shot if you haven't.
This is definitely addictive, fun, and challenging - great job Triple Town and @djedery! And wow, the style and polish on this is amazing!
As @aswinsam pointed out, the madlib images after each level are awesome. It's the best attempt at organic viral images I've seen... possibly ever. My friends legitimately enjoy making their bears say silly/terrible/bizarre things and posting to Facebook.
I love this game! Is there any chance for fb/twitter integration? I basically play two games at the moment because I have an android and an iPad.
@gigitsui You should be able to share by Twitter! Check out the to see all the pictures folks are sharing. You can share pictures on Facebook, but we need to do a deeper integration to make it work more smoothly. Glad you are enjoying the game!
@danctheduck I didn't mean integration for sharing, I meant integration to save my progress to play the (same) game on different devices. As far as I can tell, there's no way to do it just now. Keep up the good work!