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Love the idea. Most companies go for a futuristic look and they don't usually come out well. The bridge isn't the most attractive thing though but I would love to try it out.
@jeremiahsingh You're right, daily casual look is what we went for. Thank you for feedback!
I love the simplistic style of the glasses, and I'm excited to see what you can accomplish with these! I think the UI has some room to grow, but for a first launch, I think they look great 👏🏼
@brandon_mcconnell Thank you for kind words Brandon! We will keep up with UI!
Hi Product Hunt community! This is The Alpha Labs team. Thank you for your wonderful support! We are making daily AR smartglasses and giving glasses back their identity! Hope our early adopters can look their best in Alpha Glass and will find it comfortable to walk around the city and enjoy AR. Feel free to ask us any questions!
If the camera was black I would buy them
@chidi_ubani Thank you for feedback! It is definitely possible to change the design for camera
AR glasses are definitely going to be the next big thing! Good luck to you guys! :)